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Hellobaby 3pos arty
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Hellobaby ergonomic arty

Hello Baby

Simply relax with baby resting comfortably on your lap while you quickly and easily create baby’s print !

✓ Ergonomic shape for easy print
✓ Clear impression of your Baby’s print
✓ Perfectly flat surface thanks to the exact shape cardboard
✓ Customization with cardboard shapes and stickers
✓ No baking
✓ Print protected with the transparent cover and easily stored
✓ Gift packaging
✓ Dermatologically tested


Hello Baby

20180307 10 00 3849 BabyArt Hello Baby YouTube Internet Explorer
A beautiful baby gift
A great idea to display drawings
A lovely family moment
A lovely idea

Created artworks

Check out the photo gallery to admire artworks already made and shared with us by proud parents. You may also get inspired and upload your creation.