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Prints FAQ

In order to obtain an optimal result, we recommend to make a first trial on a sheet of paper, since the print cannot be wiped off the Christmas ball if you are not satisfied with it. Apply a generous layer all over your baby’s hand using the roller provided and  gently put his hand on the ball to get a nice personalized Christmas Ball for your Christmas tree.

The advantage of the printed impression is that you can start again many times if you are not fully satisfied of your first trial. Just knead the clay and roll it out. Then put your baby’s hand or foot and gently press each finger to make a distinct impression. Finally, cut properly the clay and seat your printed impression in your frame.


As indicated in the instructions, knead the clay for at least 30 seconds before rolling it out. The longer you knead, the easier it will be to make the print.

We recommend you do your imprint on a sheet of paper (baking paper or aluminium foil) on a flat surface. This means you can move it for drying elsewhere and can easily remove the impression from the paper to turn it over while drying.

Start by thoroughly kneading the clay to warm it. When you roll it out in the Magic Box using the small wooden rolling pin, take your time so that you achieve a smooth, even result. If necessary, you can use your fingers to spread it all the way out to the edges. If you’re not happy with the way you’ve spread out the clay or with the result of your impression, you can start from the beginning again and knead the clay once more. Take care not to let the clay start to dry!


You don’t need to keep the child still to make the impression. All you have to do is press each little finger or toe onto the clay to make a beautiful, precise and distinct impression. Then gently remove it straightaway from the obtained cast.

If you’re not happy with the impression, you can start again straightaway: form a ball again and knead the clay. Take care not to leave the clay too long before starting again otherwise it might dry out!

Leave your impression made in the Baby Art clay to dry for six hours at room temperature, then turn it over and leave it to dry further for at least twenty-four hours. You can leave it to dry in the open air for a few days if you think the impression is still a bit soft.

Leave your product to dry at room temperature – so neither too hot nor too cold. That way you’ll avoid getting cracks due to accelerated drying.

To get the best possible impression, we recommend that you apply a generous layer of paint on your hand using the roller provided. For an adult hand, you can go as far as using the entire tube of paint supplied with the Baby Art product; for a child, use half the tube. Please also ensure that you spread the paint over the whole of your hand (no gaps) so that the impression of your hand is marked well on whatever medium you are using. Gently put your hand on the frame with your fingers well spread out, but without pushing too hand to avoid sliding, and that way you’ll get a beautiful hand impression.


With the wooden frames, you can clean off the impression as soon as you make it (without letting it dry) using a sponge and a solvent (no scourers so that you don’t leave any marks on it). Gently rub the impression until the whole painting disappears. If using paper or cloth, you are advised to do a test in advance on a standard sheet of paper.

You are advised not to try and make a second impression on top of the first to avoid it looking like the hand has slipped or that you have gone over the edge. You can however delicately use your finger or a paint brush to touch up any minor imperfections, but it is better not to do this too much because it would make the impression too uniform and less authentic!