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FAQs & Tips

Please check out our tips and frequently asked questions for additional instructions and advice.
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Prints Tips

Choose a different background colour for your frame: cut a sheet of coloured cardboard the size of the back of your frame, stick it with double-sided tape on the back of the frame initially supplied, and stick the hand or footprint of your baby onto the new background!

In the Baby Art products for making paint impressions, the tubes of paint supplied come with a small applicator nozzle, which means they can be used like a pencil for decorating or signing your baby’s masterpiece.

To personalise the impression of your baby in the clay from the “Print” products or the Magic Box, you can engrave them with the name, date of birth or date you made. Use a pointed tool (a pencil, knife etc.) to engrave in the clay before it dries. You can also decorate the impression or the frame background using traditional acrylic paint.